Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3 favorite FREE apps for photos

Here are the three free apps I have been playing with this spring to add new dimensions to my photos. You do not have to use Instagram to use these apps, although that is why they were developed. You do however have to have photos on a smart phone or ipad as they are all touch screen type apps.

This is the one I am most excited about. You can add text, overlays, crops and play with all the levels of opacity and size. It's not going to be as precise as photoshop or illustrator because it is all done on a touch screen. But whoa, you can do all that with a touch screen. The colors are plentiful enough for me, but if you have a specific Pantone color you are trying to match for your project, you will have to just go with a close enough shade of seafoam green.
So far I have just messed around with the designs that it comes with. There are other packs of themed fonts and squiggles that you can purchase or add for free. If you are using it professionally, naturally make choices within your brand's color story and style and keep everything very readable. Stay away from adding diamonds and moustaches to every picture for example, unless you sell diamond encrusted moustaches.

There are many free apps that do this basic thing. Again I would avoid the super wacky starburst and squiggle line formations. Stick with a simple grid or row of images and take off the preset photo corners frame for a cleaner look. You can also add some text with this one. It does have ads that pop up, which is annoying, but that's why it's free.


Choose your photos in the order you want them to go as there isn't any drag and drop rearranging of the order. But you can duplicate an image for it to last longer. Once you have your images chosen the app sets the length of each photo to fit in either a 15 or 30 second clip. You can add a title to the beginning. For a small one time fee you can remove the Flipagram watermark and replace it with your own name at the bottom.
If you have music on your device you can insert that. You can narrate a voice over. Or they offer previews of popular songs that you can use without any copyright issues.

Although I have spent several hours figuring out how to get the look I want from these programs, they are remarkably intuitive and fun. When I would start to get frustrated with their quirks or limitations I would remind myself that I was creating professional materials for myself with technology I already own. What a powerful feeling to have these tools at my fingertips.
I hope you have fun exploring these apps. Let me know if you have any favorites I should try.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bellingham Farmer's Market Opens this Saturday 10am-3pm


Five Things I am Getting at the Market this Saturday

  1. Greens. I really eat better when there are so many cute farmers selling me kale.
  2. Honey. I eat honey like a pooh bear and put spoonsfull in my coffee. which brings me to...
  3. Coffee. Several great local roasters and ways to drink it.  It helps me stay cheerful and productive all week and especially at market.
  4. Treats. From pie to scones & macaroons to chocolate pretzels to the ever wafting smell of kettlecorn. I am planning on putting something sweet in my mouth. And if I'm lucky, someone will have some other treat they can't quite finish and give me a bite...
  5. Hugs. I'll admit, I'm not actually much of a hugger. But after a long winter of solitude, even I will be giving some hugs to vendors and customers I have missed in the off season.
What's on your list?

Monday, March 31, 2014

this just hung

I spent the first part of the month stitching every day for this art show. It was a good place to start, meditative, focused.  This is what I hung today instead. Sometimes the paint can tell the story better than the thread. The stitches may still find their way to the wall, you'll have to stop by the Old Town for yourself to see....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Here comes the cute...dun dun da-dun.

Did you see this behind the scenes teaser of my spring commission over on Instagram?
The time has come when I can show off my special project. Watch this dorky video,

here come's the cute from Libby Chenault on Vimeo.

 And If you want my hand in making your occasion remarkable, please contact me

Friday, March 14, 2014

Blooming Scraps Workshop March 22 at the Ragfinery

Celebrate spring with me at the Ragfinery. No matter what the weather is doing outside, we can dig through a pile of luxury knit scraps and watch our cashmere garden grow.  In this two hour class you will learn (or practice) basic hand sewing techniques with endless variations for creating flowers from scrap material.

For the price of a moth and squirrel pin, I will teach you my formula to make your own. You will leave with at least one pin or hair clip and inspiration to continue customizing projects at home.

what: Blooming Scraps Workshop
where: the Ragfinery, 1421 Forest Street in Bellingham
when: Saturday March 22 1-3pm
cost: $15 cash or check includes all materials and supports the Ragfinery
The Ragfinery will be open for sales after the class if you are inspired to purchase additional material from the shop.
Reserve your spot today by contacting me mothandsquirrel(at)

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